EPISODE 25: All Fun and Good Things Were Banned

Life finds a way in episode 25! This week the girls welcome a Star Wars expert with the passions of a 10-year-old boy, and they dig into their childhood traumas and triumphs. (Hint: Don’t be the Randy) And there’s nothing like a kid with a bug collection to inspire you to follow your dreams–just don’tContinue reading “EPISODE 25: All Fun and Good Things Were Banned”

EPISODE 24: Penniless and Alone

They. Are. Back. In the first episode of season 2, the girls take a deep dive into an age-old symbol of femininity involving silent films, needles, and friend of the podcast: Queen Victoria. And you won’t want to miss it when Sarah finally unpacks why she has always wanted to be the worst Disney villain,Continue reading “EPISODE 24: Penniless and Alone”

EPISODE 23: Speaking of Tiny Little Booths

Yes, the presidential election is long over, but that doesn’t stop the girls from swooning over CNN anchor John King. 99% reporting that this episode is full of fun and intrigue–from an awesome drummer who failed to patent his invention to a series of strange murders and some unidentified juvenile delinquency.

EPISODE 22: Guy Fawkes and Romantic Mashed Potatoes

This week’s episode is a special treat – just in time for all of your Guy Fawkes Day celebrations! It’s the perfect blend of medieval history, WWII, and everyone’s favorite: The Great Depression. If you’ve ever said a prayer in exchange for mac ‘n’ cheese or gotten down on one knee with a bowl ofContinue reading “EPISODE 22: Guy Fawkes and Romantic Mashed Potatoes”

EPISODE 20: It Turns Out Sharks Are Really Good at That

What’s something that any astronaut or space traveler can’t live without? Find out this week as the girls talk about an inventor who goes into a cabin and doesn’t come out until he has an amazing creation that was inspired by nature. Plus, updates on Steven Jobs, buttons, and asparagus peelers.

Episode 18: Dear Mature Girls

“There is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut.” This week Sarah’s got a super duper surprise for Hannah, and the girls have the time of their lives talking about one of their very favorite topics. If you’ve ever wondered about Winston Churchill’s secret romance or dreamed of livingContinue reading “Episode 18: Dear Mature Girls”

EPISODE 17: Everyone Named Maurice is a Bad Guy

Episode 17 is full of life lessons about chewing gum, dissecting cats, and not murdering people. This week the girls go down a rabbit hole to learn about a man that could have been Jeffrey Dahmer, but instead changed the world with his scientific discovery. Don’t worry, they also throw in words like “mini-satellites” andContinue reading “EPISODE 17: Everyone Named Maurice is a Bad Guy”

EPISODE 16: The Next Thing You Feel is Something Pecking Your Head

This week, the girls team up to talk to their Russian guest about the thrilling origins of a very unique hero. They also can’t help diving into some tales of spy-training grandmas, horrifying birds, and the wonderful ways that a best friend can change your life.