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The “We Are Average” Podcast

From Blanket Studios – the creators of How It Came To Be and Pulling Up Daises

We’re perfectly average, and we don’t really mind it. Average height, average weight, average athletic ability, average intellect. But did you ever wonder what it would be like to be above average? Or when it comes to things like calorie-intake or cholesterol, maybe you’d like to be below the norm? Join us for a podcast all about what it means to be an average American! Each week we’ll take a look at something that “average” people do, and we’ll do it differently. We might find that drinking more water or getting more exercise than the average person is just what we need, but we also might discover that being average isn’t so bad after all.

Coming January 2021 – Just in time for all your New Year’s Resolutions!

EPISODE 21: How It Came To Be DOT TOM

Okay, Tom, get off our backs! The girls are back with episode 21, an anti-origin story that Tom had all wrong…until now. If you want to know who Tom is and learn all about an origin story involving wild dance parties in the 1800s, you won’t want to miss this episode.

EPISODE 20: It Turns Out Sharks Are Really Good at That

What’s something that any astronaut or space traveler can’t live without? Find out this week as the girls talk about an inventor who goes into a cabin and doesn’t come out until he has an amazing creation that was inspired by nature. Plus, updates on Steven Jobs, buttons, and asparagus peelers.

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