EPISODE 25: All Fun and Good Things Were Banned

Life finds a way in episode 25! This week the girls welcome a Star Wars expert with the passions of a 10-year-old boy, and they dig into their childhood traumas and triumphs. (Hint: Don’t be the Randy) And there’s nothing like a kid with a bug collection to inspire you to follow your dreams–just don’tContinue reading “EPISODE 25: All Fun and Good Things Were Banned”

EPISODE 24: Penniless and Alone

They. Are. Back. In the first episode of season 2, the girls take a deep dive into an age-old symbol of femininity involving silent films, needles, and friend of the podcast: Queen Victoria. And you won’t want to miss it when Sarah finally unpacks why she has always wanted to be the worst Disney villain,Continue reading “EPISODE 24: Penniless and Alone”

EPISODE 23: Speaking of Tiny Little Booths

Yes, the presidential election is long over, but that doesn’t stop the girls from swooning over CNN anchor John King. 99% reporting that this episode is full of fun and intrigue–from an awesome drummer who failed to patent his invention to a series of strange murders and some unidentified juvenile delinquency.