EPISODE 16: The Next Thing You Feel is Something Pecking Your Head

This week, the girls team up to talk to their Russian guest about the thrilling origins of a very unique hero. They also can’t help diving into some tales of spy-training grandmas, horrifying birds, and the wonderful ways that a best friend can change your life.

Seven Minutes in Evan Podcast hosts the girls from How It Came To Be

This week, the girls made a special guest appearance on Seven Minutes in Evan, a podcast hosted by Evan Lopez, and you won’t want to miss it! They talk about how their podcast came to be, how they think about what stories to tell, and most importantly, they dive into Sarah’s obsession with Maroon 5Continue reading “Seven Minutes in Evan Podcast hosts the girls from How It Came To Be”

EPISODE 14: Gum in Your Eyebrow Hairs

Go ahead and take a heaping spoonful of episode 14–you just might live to be 96-years-old like the inventor of this week’s slimy subject. Learn all about him and so much more as the girls talk about the Pennsylvania origins of an amazing product that has at least 19 uses and is beloved by creepyContinue reading “EPISODE 14: Gum in Your Eyebrow Hairs”

EPISODE 11: The First Hole Ever Seen By Mortal Eyes

If you’re looking for something that prevents scurvy and fits perfectly on the helm of your ship, then look no further than Episode 11! The tables are turned as the girls try (and fail miserably) to figure out the nutty subject of a story from a special guest…and they might just play a rousing gameContinue reading “EPISODE 11: The First Hole Ever Seen By Mortal Eyes”